Consultation & Supervision


I provide case consultation & supervision for clinicians who are in the early stages of their career, as well as for those who have considerable experience under their belt. Having a safe and open setting in which we as therapists can discuss our work is essential to our learning and growth as clinicians. Without an outside set of eyes we can become vulnerable to our inevitable blind spots or to getting stuck in a mode of treatment that isn’t progressing.

I help therapists look more closely at their own inner emotional worlds and what they bring to the clinical encounter, not just the inner worlds of their patients. If we’re truly emotionally involved in our work, then by definition we are having our own emotional reactions to what is going on in the room. Being able to recognize and discuss this aspect of therapy—of it being an emotional two-way street—can open up and enliven treatment and make for a more productive and satisfying experience for both clinician and patient.